About Me

Who I am


I've been collecting since I was a kid, starting with trading cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, trying to catch all the rare Pokémon on the Gameboy games and so on. That passion and quite frankly obsession has now moved over to clothing, in particular vintage designer and sportswear. From Moschino and Versace to Prada and Dior, Nike ACG and Stone Island. I absolutely love stand out pieces, bright prints and all over patterns. Hunting down those rare unicorns is a full time job for me and I spend days searching through charity shops, thrift stores speaking to collectors and scouting out every corner of the internet.

This passion then became a hobby (buying and selling), however there's so many pieces that I just can't let go of due to their rarity, their meaning to me or just simply me being a hoarder. After being contacted by film crews, stylists and unique individuals, I've decided the best way for these beauties to be shared is to set up a rental service. This way I can keep hold of my pieces and offer people the chance to use them for films, photo shoots, dates, events and more. Please contact us if you'd like to make a rental enquiry.

Moschino & Me

The ethos that early Moschino stands for (Peace, Love, Respect, Unity, Sustainability and Fun) means a lot to me personally. The Moschino Jeans line and Cheap and Chic, particularly the 90's era hold a special place in my heart.

If you want to read up about the history of Moschino I would recommend clicking here.

Much of my love for Moschino originates from seeing it in the rave scene over the years, from the clips of One Nation in the late 90's all the way to the carnivals and raves of today. Being able to wear such beautiful stand out pieces at events where the vibe of Moschino fits so perfectly is a fantastic feeling that is really second to none. This is a feeling I want to share with everyone through my site.

Big shout out to everyone that's chatted to me about Moschino over the years, you know who you are. You've all kept me busy and motivated.

From my love of Moschino I've fallen in love with many other brands, many of which will be available for rental and or sale on my site.

That's all from me, I could go on forever. If you have any questions please contact us.